Get Golf Ready 1 Session 2 Tues/Thurs July 7,9,14,16 6:00-7:00pm

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Get Golf Ready 1 (4 one hour sessions)

Designed to teach everything you’ll need to play golf in just a few lessons. This is a beginner golf class with each session focused on the various basic golf skills you will use while playing. In addition to learning the basics, you will be guided onto the golf course to put your skills into action in a casual, friendly setting.

  • $129.95 + GST Includes:
  • All Get Golf Ready Programs run 4 scheduled days, max 6 students per class
  • $25 Punch card range pass
  • Clubs included if needed
  • Discount Coupons for Driving Range/Golf Course/Clubs/Club Repairs
  • Lessons correspond to the Get Golf Ready curriculum

*Minimum of three students registered for a class to proceed*

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